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n this, you will get to know about how to grow fast and generate success in the world of internet.

And at the same time, you will get to know about many unique strategies & formulas of success generation from the Internet, which you will know for the first time.

You can achieve success by doing this formula in any platform of the internet. There is such a secret formula in this, with the help of which you can grow fast.

Successful people use the same formula, but they do not revel.

Use only yourself and success is the achiever.

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(1.) Secret of every platform : – You yourself know that every platform of the internet has an algorithm by which it performs, And whoever knows the secret algorithm of this platform can easily achieve success in that platform.

The sooner you understand this, the more you will benefit.


( 2.) G=QxqxT

Growth = Quality x quantity x Time

If you want to grow in any platform, then it depends on the quality, quantity & published timing of your content.


3.) DEWA73 :- Deadline Entrepreneur Working Always + Subscribe/follow to top 7th your category & 3 whom you like.

The success growth rate increases with the deadline.

4.) Power of Continuity : – Every platform of the Internet works on Continuity.

The power of continuity is very high.

If you look at every successful person, then continuity is common among all those people.


5.) Dewa = Daily Ensure Working Analysis

It is very important for you to do daily analysis of whatever you are doing daily.


6.) SEO :- Search Engine Optimization

If you understand the working secret of SEO, then you can easily get the content ranked.

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1.) If you come to know the secret of Internet platforms, then you can use it, in any platform. Which will be beneficial in generating success.


2.) Growth = Quality X Quantity X Time

By increasing the quantity in this formula, you can go ahead of your competitor.


 3.) DEWA73 formula saves you time as it also gives signal to your mind, And in less time, you also get to know the secret of accessing the data.


4.) All the successful people are, if you carefully observe about them, then you will come to know That he has been doing your profession and work with continuity.

That is the secret of success.


5.) Through Daily Ensure Working Analysis, you will be able to analyze your work well so that you can grow day to day.


How It Work

1.) Growth = Quality x quantity x Time

How does this formula work?,

Let’s know about it :-

Example : : A Highly Successful Channel/Website/SocialMedia-Handle :-

It has been a long time since publishing the content.

mean time = 3,

And their quality is also very good.

quality = 2,

And their daily content publishing number is 1

Quantity = 1

Then  Growth rate = 2x1x3

                 = 6 DEWA Unit.

A new channel/website/social-media handle that has just been started.

He knew the formula G=QxqxT, so he did. and then they have to Grow on

He knew the formula G=QxqxT , so he did. and they have to move on

Then he used this strategy :

Quality  of Beginner = 1,

   quantity = 7 & Time = 1 .

Then Growth= 1x7x1

         = 7 Dewa Unit.

Look, this shows that we can grow fast by increasing the quantity of your content and when your growth rate will increase, in the same way your success will also increase.

2.) Deadline Entrepreneur Working Always sends a signal to our mind by which we try to speed up any work.

No matter how much distraction there is, we don’t care about it.


3.) If you analyze your work daily through Daily Ensure Working Analysis, then you will get some problem daily, you will solve it daily.

In this way your daily experience will continue to increase. Which will be beneficial for your Generating Success.


*** Testimonial ***

1.) After accessing it, I came to know that any person can easily Success Generate in the Internet world by using the G=QxqxT formula.
Pappu Kumar
2.) If I had known this particular thing earlier, where would I have reached today. thank you we live in the world of internet..
Deepak Kashyap
3.) Whatever things are explained in it, many successful people hide it. Thanks for reveal this secret. Most Useful content.
Somesh Ratnakar


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